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A Year of Change: We’ve Updated Our Website!

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22 September 2020

In the midst of an ever-changing world, we have been given the gift of time and reflection to see how far we have come, and where we plan to go next. 

At Honey, we encourage each other to grow with confidence and invest with intention, so we’ve applied this exact same mindset to Honey as a brand. After a decade of meaningful work, we have evolved and grown into a company that required a more elevated and sophisticated brand to match our quality of work. A lot has happened since we rebranded over a year ago – we’ve added three talented members to our team, reflected on our work’s impact in our community, completely changed our day-to-day by going remote, and launched some incredible work into the world – which collectively nudged us to refine our brand to show how much we have grown into our own “Honey” aesthetic and style.

Embracing our identity

Now that we have gotten more comfortable in our skin, it was time to add that extra ‘oomph’ to our visual brand. When we were initially developing our identity, we were drawn to the simplicity, sophistication, and confidence of the typeface used for our logo. It seemed to embody what Honey was all about. We played with different type styles and combinations to marry both timeless and contemporary qualities together. Noe Display, a strong and stylish serif (say that 3x fast) typeface serves as the leading visual “voice” of our brand: serious in our craft, down-to-earth in our approach, and not afraid to have fun in the process. It is complemented by Larsseit, a modern and geometric sans serif, to create visual balance and add a friendly, personal touch. As our company continued to grow after the rebrand, we decided to lean in to our more sophisticated side by bringing Noe Display even more to the forefront. This decision, along with embracing our “H” monogram (in the footer), adds a layer of polish, depth and personality that tells the story of our brand’s growth.

Embracing our values

We always do our best to advocate for an accessible web experience for users so we updated the layout throughout the website to make it easier to read and digest content. Warmer, beige colors have been subtly applied to compliment the prominent charcoal black, and images within our case studies and written posts are now easier to view and swipe through. Though these details may seem subtle and minor, they create a more personable and approachable brand that better represents our core values that we at Honey are led by.

Embracing our passions 

Honey is made up of creative, talented individuals who LOVE to share their boundless wealth of knowledge and shameless personal quirks with each other. So we’ve brought back our Honey Blog after a very long hiatus (we won’t mention how long though). We want to share with the world what we have been up to, what’s currently been on our minds, who and/or what inspires us within our Sacramento community. Don’t worry, we are still going strong with our newsletter, Honey We’re Home (if you didn’t know, now you know) and will continue to fill your inbox with some Honey goodness on the first Wednesday of each month. 


We’re excited to keep sharing our growth as a company and are proud of the hard work that went into this brand evolution. Stay tuned for new case studies on our website! 🙃

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