Fancy Fest

January 22, 2014

Earlier this week a few of us took advantage of the quiet MLK holiday and shot over to San Francisco for the Winter Fancy Food Show. Loaded up with backup phone chargers, comfy shoes and lots of hand sanitizer, we spent the day filling up on all the new trends in specialty foods and beverages. WFFS is the trade show for both emerging and veteran brands to gain awareness and let the industry see and taste their products. We go to meet  and support clients and see what’s happening in the design, marketing and packaging of food.

We last attended in 2012, and maybe its a reflection of the economy, but we were really impressed at the presentation improvements overall. We saw unique booth displays (one found their vendor on Etsy), well thought-out marketing collateral, and way more samples (yay!). What’s trending? Gluten-free that tastes good, chips made out of anything but corn and potatoes (hummus, quinoa, pasta) and everyone is putting a chia seed on it. We sipped, crunched and munched it all and found some of our new favorite products we’ll be looking for in our local Whole Foods.


 A beautiful day in the city //  #designerbomb


Our client, Silk Road making a splash


Gluten-free that’s actually good  //  Some of the best jerky we’ve ever tasted


All the olives you can sample  //  Food is beautiful