Farm to Face

October 9, 2013


They don’t call it Sacatomato for nothing, and Sept. 20-29, 2013 kicked off Sacramento’s inaugural Farm-to-Fork week. As the Farm-to-Fork Capital of America, our city has been embracing this movement before it was chic and it’s something we here at Honey are pretty passionate about. Agriculture is a huge part of our state’s physical and economical landscape and knowing where your food comes from is a powerful thing.

We were kicking ourselves for not snatching up tickets to the historic dinner on the Tower Bridge, although I did make it to the ‘Off the Bridge’ dinner at Broderick Roadhouse, which had wine flowing, amazing food, entertainment and was super low-key.

For a good part of the week I was celebrating a more literal interpretation on a video-shoot project with my good buddy and photographer Nicholas Wray. Working with our client who is promoting California produce and farmers, we went on a mini-tour of our state, racking up miles and filling up SD cards. It was an eye-opening experience shooting all of the hard work and pride that goes into growing something as simple as the common carrot.

02 FarmtoFace

For several days, we worked farmers’ hours – sunrise to sunset – taking in the beauty of this magical light that photography can barely capture.


Our first day was spent at Babé Farms, who warmly opened their gates and let us explore their gorgeous properties.

04 FarmtoFace

As we rolled footage we picked radishes, carrots, beets and kohlrabi straight out of the ground, dusted them off and had the freshest snack possible. Babé grows specialty greens and baby root vegetables, baby squash and baby cauliflower. Everything is harvested by hand and the attention and care that goes into their product blew my mind.

05 FarmtoFace

A fresh radish – Nick coined this “Farm to Face.”

06 FarmtoFace3

07 FarmtoFace6

Our last stop was at Uesugi Farms, another family-owned and operated business that grows and distributes a wide range of produce for retailers across the country.  On the morning we were there, we got to experience a yellow pepper harvest. The bright blue skies and the vivid yellow peppers were pure eye candy – mixed with the ultimate freshness we were tasting, it was a sensory overload. Once again we were truly impressed by how much work goes into everything we see piled high in our grocery stores as we watched the peppers being harvested by hand.

As a born-and-raised California girl, I’ll be forever grateful for this experience. I’ve driven up and down the state on I-5 countless times and have a completely different respect for the miles and miles of crops that I used to zip past. Everyone we met was so welcoming and all of our ‘city kid’ questions were answered with passion and expertise. Thank you, Nick, for your unique-creative approach and for putting up with me for three days. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

All photos by @parkerjoy for Honey Agency.