Farmer’s Market Tips

November 22, 2016

We’re extremely proud of where we live and even more so, to be the Farm-to-Table Agency. Here’s our top three tips for your next trip to the farmer’s market this fall.

1. Talk to vendors! Talking to the farmers and vendors is one of the huge benefits of any farmer’s market. Most farmers are excited to talk about what they do. Ask them things like, where their farm is located or how they would pair + serve their produce.

2. Know what’s in season. Chances are, you won’t find bing cherries at the farmer’s market right now – they’re just not in season. So before you set out to make your latest and greatest Pinterest recipe, take a peek at this chart, courtesy of our friends at Farm-to-Fork, and know what to expect!

3. Bring a bag, bring a cooler. Oftentimes, there are just as many deals on poultry, fish, dairy and beyond as there are on produce. Don’t get stuck wishing you could buy that drool-worthy hunk of Humboldt Fog if only you had an ice chest…


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