Federico Rebrand

March 1, 2013

Have we ever mentioned how much we love to “honey-fy” brands? That includes working on projects for some of our dearest, long-term clients. We recently took on the rebrand of Federico, formerly known as Federico Beauty Institute, in anticipation of the school’s brand new, 20,000+-square-foot expansion. The Federico family has owned and operated this prestigious facility for three generations. Just put three Italian brothers and their father in the rebrand mix, and we have to admit, though our work was cut out for us, we’re pretty stinkin’ proud to have landed on a logo that they (and we!) all love.

The new logo retains the basic color palette of the previous version, but with an update to the orange, making it brighter and less pastel. The exclamation point has previously been an integral brand element, so we incorporated it in the redesign. You can see it in the crossbar of the ‘f’.

The ‘f’ is adapted from an original, hand-drawn Federico mark from the 1950s (above left), based on the classic pompadour hairstyle. The new mark is bold enough to stand on its own, and will likely be used more frequently in this context as the rebrand becomes more recognizable.

While the horizontal version of the logo is the standard usage, a vertical lock-up was created to allow for maximum flexibility.

Federico has several specialty programs under the main school: Advanced Education, Cosmetology, Esthetics, and now, Barbering. Each program has its own voice and mini-identity to differentiate it while supporting the main brand.

Federico is located at 1515 Sports Drive in Sacramento. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.