Foraging at Manseena Orchards

October 19, 2017

What it means when we Forage.

It is hard to fully understand our deep discovery process, the Hex Method. It’s our North Star, it guides and informs our marketing and creative and it helps us form incredible relationships and partnerships with our clients. We could never know the entire complexity of what our clients do, but we can certainly appreciate it. We have true and honest passion for their craft, and we we want to help our clients share that with the world.

A few weeks ago we went with our new clients and now friends, Sureena and Manpreet Bains, to their breathtaking prune orchards. We learned firsthand about their history, nostalgia, the harvesting with friends and family, and the process of drying prunes. It was incredible to see the process the fruit goes through to become a freshly dried prune.

Enjoy these photos and get ready for our brand launch in a few months!