Getty Owl Run

February 28, 2012


I was pregnant almost a year ago and asked my OBGYN to include a SMA test in my prenatal screening. She looked at me a little confused and said she didn’t know what I was referring to. “Oh, it was the acronym,”I thought. I spelled it out – Spinal Muscular Atrophy. A light went off and she asked simply if it ran in my family – which as far as I knew, it did not. At that moment I realized I had to school her a bit; I gave her the stats, I talked about the Getty Owl Foundation and she ordered the test (my insurance didn’t pay for it-but that’s a whole other story). The results indicated I am not a carrier for SMA, although 1 in 40 people DO carry the gene-many unknowingly.

This past Sunday our bees, family, and friends walked with 800 other supporters at the first annual Getty Owl Run to raise awareness about SMA and support the Getty Owl Foundation. Honey Agency has supported the foundation from the beginning, has helped bring this run to life creatively and it was emotional to walk strong with so many other people and raise our blue wrist bands to Getty!

Thank you Kate and Mark for educating me about SMA and to ask our doctors to test for it. That brave little girl of yours inspires all of us, Getty is a gift.

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