Holiday Gifts For All

December 15, 2016

1. Turk Pans | $179
Where to buy it: Kaufmann Mercantile
Why we love it: Turk pans are legit. They’re forged in Germany by a company that makes shovels. Kaufmann Mercantile seems to be one of the few places you can find these things in the states or without some pretty high over-seas VAT.

2. French Salami Sampler | $40
Where to buy it: Olympia Provisions
Why we love it: The Tour de France of the salami world? Say no more. You can also treat your loved ones to the gift that keeps on giving: the salami of the month club.

3. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp | $34.83
Where to buy it: R.E.I
Why we love it: We’re still trying to figure this one out. What we do know, is that we receive excellent feedback from 9/10 recipients (e.g. “This was my most used gift!” And, “I wear this thing 24/7!”)

4. California “Stately” Serving Board | $50-$65
Where to buy it: Newton Booth Builds | Midtown Farmer’s Market – 12/17 | 8th Annual Handmade Holidays market at Beatnik Studios – 12/18
Why we love it: Locally made, downright beautiful and let’s face it: who doesn’t love receiving a good cheese board?

5. Vignalta Herbed Salt | $8.99
Where to buy it: Corti Brothers
Why we love it: Did your significant other ask for a trip to Italy this Christmas? Buy them this herbed salt, instead! For less than $10, the combination of Sicilian sea salt and Italian herbs is the next best thing.

6. Death and Co. | $26
Where to buy it: Amazon
Why we love it: With over 500 recipes, this is one of the absolute best cocktail books. It explains the details of cocktail technique, ingredients, and recipes. Plus, it makes for a beautiful statement piece on your bar cart.

1. Harney & Sons Tea | $8.50
Where to buy it: Harney & Sons
Why we love it: The tastiest, all-organic, loose-leaf with packaging so cute, you’ll want to reuse the tins as containers for your herbs, cotton balls, and anything else you can think of.

2. The Chicago Pebble Pouch | $32-$46
Where to buy it: Studio Fig
Why we love it: This Sacramento graphic, interior, and fashion designer creates only the most beautiful pieces. We’re especially big fans of these coin purses and wallets! (Husbands: hint hint.)

3. Tapestry Wood Weaving Loom Kit | $65
Where to buy it: Etsy
Why we love it: We took a class from The Northern Needle this year and fell in love with the art of weaving! Be sure to purchase a class to go with that loom kit.

4. Vanilla Bean + Sriracha Salt | $4-12
Where to buy it: The Allspicery
Why we love it: Your cookies will never be the same after you try this vanilla bean salt. And The Sriracha salt? Your eggs will thank you. That is all.

5. Dinner at the Long Table | $40
Where to buy it: Barnes and Noble 
Why we love it: Highly successful restauranteur Andrew Tarlow’s debut cookbook is based on the concept that a meal can be beautiful and ambitious, while also being unfussy and inviting. The hardback beautifully captures a year’s worth of dishes meant to be shared among friends. Or co-workers. Or anyone you generally enjoy spending time with.

6. Cattail Zipper Bag | $40
Where to buy it: Jake Castro | Midtown Farmer’s Market – 12/17 | 8th Annual Handmade Holidays market at Beatnik Studios – 12/18
Why we love it: These unique leather bags are laser engraved + hand sewn in our very own city and are downright gorgeous.

1. Opinel Le Petit Chef Set | $54.94
Where to buy it: Amazon
Why we love it: Everyone should know how to properly use a knife, and handing your Misono Gyutou to your 10-year-old seems like an unwise parenting move. These are still sharp—they’re not for unsupervised use—but there’s a guard so your kid can learn how to hold and use a knife — there’s also a peeler!

2. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls | $35
Where to buy it:
Why we love it: The most crowd-funded book in history. Need we say more?

3. Original Pocket Pouch | $25
Where to buy it: Bitte
Why we love it: The Pocket Pouch is the perfect introduction to the world of Tegu magnetic wooden blocks, offering endless construction options with only 8 blocks.

4. Bruno Munari’s ABC | $16.15
Where to buy it: Amazon
Why we love it: This imaginative ABC, acclaimed artist, designer and children’s author, Bruno Munari shows how fun letters can be

5. Embroidery Starter Kit | $39
Where to buy it: Etsy
Why we love it: Because some of us can’t sew. But would like our kids to know how.

6. Custom Memory Game | $29.99
Where to buy it: Pinhole Press
Why we love it: You can personalize your very own memory game for your kid with photos that are meaningful to their little lives.