Honey Link Love

April 11, 2014



This week Honey Agency brings you some of our favorite links from all over the web.

News of the week:

  • Watch out for the Heartbleed bug, it’s one of the biggest security threats the internet has ever seen. If you’ve logged into any of the websites listed in the past two years, your account info could be compromised. Click here to read about some of the sites that were affected. It’s a pretty long list, and some of the sites are ones we use everyday. Be sure to click here for info on how to protect yo’ self from that nasty internet bug. Now would probably be a good time to change some of those passwords, and here’s a quiz you can take to help with that.

  • Facebook is continuing to improve users News Feed experiences, and has decided to go after the like/comment/share baiters. Read about it here.

  • Want some tips for writing better content? Click Here for some good info on how to make your content easily understandable to the world wide web.

Just for fun:

  • Who doesn’t love hedgehogs? Click here for some heart melting cuteness.

  • We are seriously obsessed with Spotify over here… Our marketing coordinator Andy especially. Click here for some awesome things you can do with it.

  • One word: Sloths…. watch this right now.

Interesting tidbit of the week:

  • Twitter recently did a major re-design of user profiles. It looks a lot like Facebook to me, but you can judge for yourself, and learn all about the new timeline here and here. You can also see how brands are using the new design here.

  • Oh yay, more Twitter news… Introducing pop-up alerts. Read about it here.

  • Blue Bottle Coffee just got even more awesome. Click here.

Local Love:


Happy Weekend Peeps!