Honey Link Love

August 1, 2014

This week Honey Agency brings you some of our favorite industry buzz from the web.

Industry News of the week:

  • Honey Agency focuses a lot of attention on brand strategy, and not to toot our own horn or anything, but we’re pretty darn good at it (cue the horns). We’re also always researching ways to make our strategies better. Here is a great article on brand strategy, and why all businesses need one.
  • If you work in the marketing or digital world, read this, to learn about some common mistakes marketers face and how to avoid them.
  • Having a brand voice is essential in this day and age, here’s some tips on how to get that brand voice just right.
  • We’re big fans of Google Calendar here at the hive. Click here for some tips and tricks that will help you get better acquainted.

Just for fun:

  • Not gonna lie, I’m obsessed with Parks and Rec, if you happen to be too, click here to see Tom Haverford and all his ingenious business ideas from the show.
  • I sent this around the hive the other day, and just cannot get enough. If you’ve taken care of a drunk girl, or been that drunk girl, you’ll get some serious laughs from this.
  • Are you ready for a fun summer playlist courtesy of Mashable and Spotify? Well, get your “My Sharona” on already. Here it is!

Local Love:

Happy Weekend Peeps!