Honey Link Love

November 8, 2013

This week Honey Agency brings you some of our favorite industry buzz from all over the web.

News of the week

  • Twitter goes public. Read about it here.

  • What’s our favorite new way of receiving a daily dose of world news? It’s called theSkimm. Sign up and you will receive expertly written tidbits on what’s happening in our big wide world each and everyday.

Twitter tips of the week

  • Finding a balance between personal and professional lives on social media can get a bit blurry at times. Click here to read about these very useful tips.

  • How do you write a super awesome Twitter bio? This article can really help with that.

  • If your followers are getting out of hand, click here to find out how to manage them better.

Facebook change of the week

  • Just when we get comfortable, Facebook goes and changes it up on us. This week it’s the Like Button. Read about it here.

Surprising tidbit of the week

  • There’s a new mobile messaging app taking the world by storm. It’s called WeChat, and over the past few months, users have steadily risen from 50 million to 100. There’s some pretty fun features too. Read about it here.

Social Media Advice of the week

  • Click here to check out 10 ways you can use social media in your work and personal life. There’s no doubt we all use our fair share, but sometimes being reminded can give us inspiration to use social media in different ways.

Infographic of the week

  • The power of the hashtag. Here’s some history of our favorite social media shorthand.

Agency news of the week

  •  SoDA Report, 2013, Vol. 2. The bi-annual report from the Society of Digital Agencies keeps us updated on trends, forecasts, and inspiration. Check it out here.