August 16, 2016

Step away from your desk. Eat a taco. Socialize with peers. Learn something new. Get creative! This defines the basic concept of Humbuzz, a monthly gathering we started here at Honey to set aside time for team building and expressing creativity in new ways. In our Humbuzz sessions, we leave our computers behind and open our minds to learning a unique skill or craft.

Each month, someone from our team leads the session to get everyone out of their comfort zone. The goal is to bring a personal skill to the table that’s outside of everyone’s expertise. So far we’ve learned brush lettering techniques, stamp carving, SnapChat tips, and wet-felting.

During these sessions something magical happens. Maybe it’s the tacos, or perhaps the nonjudgemental, open-minded vibes. Whatever it is, our team typically leaves a Humbuzz sesh feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to take on the next deadline.

Brush Lettering

Brush Lettering

One of our first Humbuzz gatherings we learned some basic brush lettering techniques. We experimented with a variety of paper, brushes, and inks. Here are some of our favorite brush pens we played around with:

Copic Sketch Marker
Pentel Pocket Brush
Tombow Brush

Quick Tips: Brush Lettering

  • Hold the pen at an angle and use your whole arm to guide your strokes.
  • Apply firm pressure on the downstrokes and light pressure on the upstrokes to create contrast.
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect. Find your own unique style and own it. The more you practice, the more natural lettering will become.