Its not easy being queen

October 27, 2015

As business owners we are getting used to the feeling of being overwhelmed. Making sure our team is happy and productive, processes eternally need improvement, clients need what they need and the business has goals to meet. BUT, sometimes you need to lift your head up from the daily stress and take a minute. Take a minute to be proud of yourself and celebrate the accomplishments big and small. “Small stuff”  like meeting a deadline and making a client happy, or the biggies like living our dream jobs and making payroll for a team of amazing people.


Here we are in 2010 celebrating our first official office space on K Street. This is when we took our first big risk as a company and learned the meaning of the word overhead. We started paying rent, hired our first employees and because of that investment, our business grew. And grew.

We often joke that we are married, because we are legally bonded, share finances and Honey Do’s like spouses. Really we’re more like sister wives in a polygamist relationship with our business. We each have our own roles, responsibilities and share the burden of keeping our house and family together. But through it all, we are friends and laughter has gotten us through the best and the worst times.

As most of you know, we moved into our third office this spring. We are back in midtown in the MARRS Building and it not only feels like home, but it feels like us. A couple months ago we hired the talented Michelle Drewes to capture the space and also get fresh photos of Meghan and I.

We can’t wait to give you a tour around the hive (coming soon!) but for now, here is a peek at the Queen Bees. Thanks Michelle, we had so much fun working with you and thank you for making us look good!

honey-8189honey-7888honey-8196 honey-7754 honey-7849honey-8057honey-8130__crophoney-8151Cheers, sister. Here’s to many more years of honey, sweat and tears.

Photos by Michelle Drewes Photography