Honey Sips at Coin-Op

October 11, 2016

We can’t help it, we love a good cocktail. There’s only one thing we love more than a good cocktail, and that’s a reasonably priced, good cocktail.

Serving up their inventive, speciality drinks for $6 from 4-6 p.m., Coin-Op boasts one of the best happy hour experiences in Downtown Sacramento. (I mean, where else can you hold a Jalisco 75 in one hand while shooting game on Big Buck with the other?)

While we think every one of their drinks is outstanding, we ordered the four below and were particularly fond of each.

Hot Knife – Mezcal, chili liquor, lime, pineapple, cinnamon 

Tortuga – White and aged rum, lemon, pineapple, coconut, orgeat

The Right Touch – Vodka, strawberry, crushed basil, lemon, touch of absinthe

Jalisco 75 – Tequila, grapefruit liquor, lemon, honey bubbly

There are plenty of ways to access our growing downtown (don’t be intimidated!). For for more information on getting around, visit Downtown Partnership.

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