Moving Hives

January 8, 2012


A year-and-a-half ago I came back from a head-clearing vacation and told Meghan we were ready. Ready to stop meeting clients in coffee shops, ready to stop having corporate meetings on her dining table, and ready to create space that we could grow into. And grow we did.

A week later we signed a lease in a great building next to our favorite tacos* at Tres Hermanas (which also accounts for some “personal growth” of another kind). This move gave us room for our business to gain confidence, reach higher goals, and most importantly bring in an awesome team. They say that a goldfish will grow as big as its environment allows. So take one out of a bowl and into a pond and she’ll grow as big as koi (I’ve seen it). Now here we are, bursting at the seams – we’ve outgrown our cozy little hive.

So, February 1 we complete the move into our new offices in East Sacramento! We are ecstatic to have some breathing room, space for private meetings and non-disruptive conference calls. Bear with us as the dust settles but we hope to be up-and-running without a hitch.

Stay tuned for more info and sneak peeks of our progress…

*we’re going to miss those damn tacos.