Our first commercials!

October 20, 2015

We were tasked by Save Our Water to develop television spots to inspire Californians to reduce water use. Instead of positioning the problem as dire and unsolvable, we show that it is within each individual’s power to remedy. As a state-wide campaign we created two ads to reach California’s diverse audiences, maybe you’ve seen them!

Helping Hands: The first ad visually depicts Californians working together to change behavior, fix problems and save water. With a clever use of editing we inform viewers of simple changes they too can make to impact savings. Director: Dennis Millette Production: Onetake Productions & Iron Mountain Films

View Helping Hands from ACWA on Vimeo.

Stepping Up: People want to be a part of a social movement and share what they are proud of. Simple statements lead to large changes and with clever visuals we will inspire action. Using a style and illustrations aimed at a younger audience we are targeting millennials and college students to make commitments to changing their own behavior. Direction & Production: bkwld

View Stepping Up from ACWA on Vimeo.