Pinecrest Retreat

September 27, 2017

Honey Agency is quickly approaching its 10th year (this ninth has proven to be hugely transformative). I felt it was the perfect time to pause, refocus, and strategize on bettering our clients and ourselves. Where better than to take the team to my most special of places, a place that has been in my family for almost 60 years, an adorable little cabin in the woods of Pinecrest, California. It is my safe place, and one I very rarely share, and I couldn’t have asked for a better 48 hours with a team that inspires me daily and who I call friends.

We shared personal vision boards to keep each of us accountable to our dreams, shared 10 things none of us knew about each other, got caught in a Sierra Nevada rainstorm (amazing!), had every meal meticulously and deliciously prepared by Josh (he’s an underground gastronomist), and most importantly we planned our strategy for the next few years. We focused on our values, our strengths, and the clients who trust us most.

I leave you with this, Honey Agency empowers passion in our clients, in their crafts, in our community, and in each other.

Grady Josh and Meghan Walking down the street Grady Josh and Meghan at the shoreMeghan Phillips at the shore of Pinecrest Lake View from the shore at Pinecrest Lake Ashley Rodseth, Josh Reeder-Esparza, and Meghan Phillips walking near the shore Josh Reeder-Esparza on the trail A signpost along the trailA pinecone and some moss pictured in someone's hand Meghan Phillips' family cabin with Grady Fike's tent pitched out front Some shelled beans, baby carrots and garlic being prepared by Josh Reeder-Esparza for breakfast Some shelled beans, baby carrots and garlic being cooked over the stove by Josh Reeder-Esparza for breakfast A picture a Cribbage game Josh Reeder-Esparza in the kitchenField Notes for our meetingMeghan Phillips working with the teamSamantha Wallace, Maggie Giordanengo, and Grady Fike pictured during a meetingAshley Rodseth, Samantha Wallace, Maggie Giordanengo, and Grady Fike pictured during a meetingFreshly-pressed tortillas for tacosTaco LineJosh Reeder-Esparza at the shoreJosh Reeder-Esparza, Ashley Rodseth, and Meghan Phillips at the shoreThe shore at Pinecrest LakeGrady Fike presenting to the teamVision boards in the sand at the shorePhoto of the Honey Agency teamJosh Reeder-Esparza cooking potatoes over the fire Josh Reeder-Esparza cutting brisket Potatoes and breakfast hashAshley Rodseth hikingField Notes at the shoreMarkings for the helipad at the damMeghan Phillips at the shoreThe team crossing a bridgeThe team at the swimming holePinecrest Lake