Don’t be a Drip – Help Save Our Water

May 8, 2014

Hey California,

We are in a drought – an extremely serious one. So serious that as we approach a scary fire season our Governor commemorated May as Save our Water month.

Our close ties with food & agriculture partners have made this drought a critical campaign for our agency. The work that Save Our Water is doing ensures California citizens, cities, farms and firefighters have enough water to protect, serve, and grow.


Honey is leading the creative and advertising to bring awareness to our state’s situation urging Californians to save water!


We ask you to find ways to save water in your life. Here are some ideas that Honey Agency is doing:

1. Rebecca: Carwashes only – they recycle their water!

2. Meghan: Timing showers – 5 minutes and a few good songs!

3. Andy: Buckets in the bath and shower equals water for the (CA natives) garden

4. Loressa: Succulents only – drought resistant plants on the patio

5. Paul: Only runs the dishwasher when completely full

6. Allison: Turns off the faucet while brushing teeth

And last but not least we ask you to do one more important thing:

LIKE Save Our Water on Facebook and follow on Instagram.

Please, go, do it now! (did you do it?!)

Let’s build a strong water-saving army! Californians Don’t Waste!

PS: May is also Bike Month – so be a superhero and save water and the environment!