Serene flower blossoms framing the words,

Standing with our AAPI Community

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02 July 2021

This is a moment that we at Honey want to recognize and preserve as the world continues to grapple with the constant state of flux that is now the everyday norm. We are deeply saddened and angered by the targeted racism and violence towards the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, and continue to stand in solidarity in the fight against hate and injustice. Our senior designer, Lauren Takayama, wanted to share some words from her perspective.

Still processing

It goes without saying that these pandemic times have been incredibly hard for all of us, but especially frightening for those who are of Asian descent in this country. Being a person who proudly identifies as Asian American, it has been very difficult to process all the thoughts in my head as I am checking in with family and AAPI friends all while being inundated with anti-Asian hate related articles and videos popping up in all my social media and news feeds. I’ve also appreciated friends and allies who have checked in on me personally, but it’s been hard to answer the question, “how are you doing?” when you’re still trying to pinpoint your own emotions that feel like a moving target. It didn’t take long for me to realize that no response or answer was going to feel perfect or be an end-all solution, but I still felt the need to work out my feelings through some sort of creative outlet.

Finding beauty in tragedy

When finally I felt brave enough to sit with my feelings for a moment, the first image that came to my mind was blossoms. Growing up, I always loved watching the ume plum tree in my grandfather’s front yard bloom these delicate white flowers at the beginning of every spring. There are many types of blossoms (cherry blossoms / sakura being the most well known), but I always loved how the white petal ones looked like snow when they fell off the tree. What’s interesting about the blossom season is that it has a very short time frame: they’re only in full bloom for one week and then they’re gone. Yet thousands of people flock to visit these types of trees throughout Japan or even in Washington D.C. for something so…fleeting.

Close up image of ume plum blossoms

It might seem strange to correlate anger and grief with such a beautiful image, but the meaning behind these delicate blossoms runs so deep. People celebrate these flowers not just because they’re beautiful, but because they represent a moment of renewal and life after a long dark winter season. Like life, these flowers are so ephemeral yet they’re something to be cherished and enjoyed for what they are. I always find peace and hope every time I think of blossoms, and that’s why I wanted to create something to express that strength, AND also remind our community how fucking amazing and resilient we are!

Where to start: Supporting local AAPI businesses

Serene flower blossoms framing the words, "We stand with the AAPI community"

When thinking about how Honey can show support and take action, our intern, Alana said it best when she shared levels of impact at an organization level. Along with my team members at Honey, we created a list of AAPI-owned businesses within the Sacramento region that we ourselves love and support, and shared it on our social channels. But it shouldn’t stop there. I encourage everyone to do more, whether it’s donating to Asian American organizations, showing up for rallies against Asian hate, or even educating yourself about Asian American history and racism in this country, every ounce of support and justice that you give is seen and appreciated by our AAPI community. Continue to do the work and fight the good fight, fam.

GIF of actress Sandra Oh saying, "it's an honor just to be Asian."

AAPI-owned Businesses in the Sacramento Region

Food + Drink

Shopping + Gifts + Art Space

Wine + Grocery + Agriculture

Organizations to Donate

*Note: This list is not limited to just these businesses – we know that we have missed some so feel free to contact us at [email protected] to share other AAPI-owned businesses that deserve the love!