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Danni Farnsworth

marketing coordinator

Coffee has water in it

Danni Farnsworth is our Marketing Coordinator. With a BS in Communications and a minor in Advertising from Portland State University, she comes to us with digital content marketing experience from both entrepreneurs and government agencies. Her desire to learn and further her career in this industry (and setting post notifications on social media) led her to Honey. 

Danni’s appetite to tell stories and connect with clients on what and how they want to share with their audiences is not only a passion, but a specialty. With an eagerness to learn and evolve, she looks forward to exploring her abilities and being an asset to the marketing team.

When Danni is not trying to get her wireless mouse to connect, you can find her and her husband Tyler, and their twin boys on the bike trail in their bucket bike or exploring with film photography. She prepares coffee at all hours of the day and claims it can hydrate just as well as water. If you call her name and she doesn’t answer, it’s probably because she is listening to an audiobook or podcast. 

P.S. Send podcasts recommendations!

More Of Us