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Dustin Avilla

senior designer
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Dustin is our Senior Designer. With a BS in Graphic Design from Sacramento State, he brings over 8 years of design and problem solving to Honey. Previously working in NYC as a Graphic Designer for NBC’s Syfy Channel, he often draws from his experiences specializing in print, packaging and environmental graphics to develop new and impactful brand solutions.

Dustin is inspired by everything design, from signage on the streets of Sacramento to restaurant menus in the Big Apple. He approaches each project with the intent to step out of his comfort zone and discover something truly unique and unexpected. Dustin thrives in a collaborative environment and operates best when brainstorming with the team over a cup of coffee or local IPA.

When he’s not sketching up logos or wine labels, Dustin enjoys the outdoors, cruising wine country on his motorcycle, and exploring new cities and National Parks with his fiance, Sarah.

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