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Ilona Panych

graphic designer

Do we have Tapatio?

Ilona Panych is our Graphic Designer. Coming from a digital design background, she brings in a new perspective on digital experiences, identity design, and creating holistic brand touchpoints that make an impact. With over 5 years of experience and a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, She aims to build thoughtful concepts that set a stage for beautiful storytelling.

Ilona thrives on creating a consistent and sustainable design system that is constructed on a strategic foundation to become a powerful tool for clients. Having experience in both print and digital design spaces, she has acquired an understanding of how they can work together to create strong brand experiences.

Outside of the office, you can find Ilona exploring new hobbies that fulfill her creative hunger. She’s always planning the next backyard project or grabbing her guitar to meet her new song. When she’s not creating, Ilona experiments with vegan dishes and sugar-free desserts that keep her guilty-free.

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