Follow that Chef

November 13, 2012

Recently, we surprised Honey Agency’s Queen Bees, Rebecca and Meghan, with a double birthday treat: a special lunch outing at Grange Restaurant in downtown Sacramento called “Follow the Chef.”

On a beautiful (and warm) October day, the Hive met up at Grange, where we were lead across the street by Executive Chef Oliver Ridgeway to the local farmers’ market at Cesar Chavez Park. We “followed” him, met vendors, learned about the seasonal produce and even received many helpful, off-the-cuff tips on delicious ways to prepare it.

After purchasing a few items to take home, the group headed back to Grange where we enjoyed delicious wine pairings and hand-crafted blackberry-clove spritzers (yum!). Following an entertaining conversation with Chef Oliver’s dad (who joined our little group from England, no less), we indulged in our three-course meal prepared by Chef Oliver himself.

The day was truly an amazing treat and we can’t wait for the opportunity to come again next year! Take a look at our fun-filled afternoon outside the Hive.