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13 October 2020

However you vote, whenever you vote, wherever you vote and whomever you vote for… it’s important. We’ve created some graphics we’ll be using on our channels to encourage others to vote – feel free to use them on yours.


Vote social graphics overview

Also, in case you’ll find it useful, our team has been researching a wide-ranging collection of online tools in the lead up to November 3rd. The majority of the resources listed below are specific to California but we are also including some links that can be shared with family members, friends, and colleagues across state lines so that no one is left feeling unloved this election season.

California Ballot Tracking
California Early Voting and Vote-by-Mail Ballot Drop Off Locations
California Polling Place Lookup Tool
California Same-Day Voter Registration
California Voter Guide

Vote Save America’s “BYOB” (Build Your Own Ballot, obviously)
BallotReady’s “Your Ballot Explained”
Sign Up to be a Poll Worker