We're Going Home

We’re Going Home

Honey| Process
16 September 2021

It’s been a journey.

Since we left the MARRS building in March of 2020, we’ve had to update and evolve a few of our creative processes due to the nature of working from home. Our team has absolutely crushed it in the remote space, although it would be a miss to not recognize that there have been many challenges along the way – tech issues, navigating work/life balance, social injustice, natural disasters, burnout. Every day has been a work in progress! Honey’s leadership team has been instrumental in navigating the unknowns and helping our team to remain inspired and balanced. Shout out to our Operations and Culture manager, Michi, for always thinking of creative ways to help – Monday inspirational mantras, walk-a-thons, encouraging the team to take calls on a walks around the block – all small, but important ways to minimize screen-time overload and bring levity back into our work lives.

Honey’s creative work and process is often energized by passing conversations, sketching together over coffee, generating ideas during a team lunch, and spontaneous interactions that are more frequent when we’re together; something we’ve mostly dreamed about over the past 18 months. A challenging aspect of leading a creative team remotely is not having the ability to gather in this way, in a collaborative environment that allows for creativity to blossom beyond our screens and technology. Remote work can be very successful for some teams, and has worked for us through the pandemic, however it’s not our ideal work style. We yearn for human interaction, conversation, and the magic that sparks when you get a bunch of ridiculously talented creatives together in a room. Things are about to change big time for us.

On September 13, our team met for the first time all together at our brand new (to us) office in Midtown, Sacramento. It’s hard to describe it any other way other than meant to be. Meghan had always dreamed of owning a building for Honey and now, she has made it a reality. From all of us at Honey, we are so grateful for your passion, leadership, and dedication to bringing us back together! Cheers to you, Meghan, for leading this exciting new chapter in Honey’s story!