MaryAda and Kiana Writing on a whiteboard

Who We Are: Honey’s Core Values

13 December 2022

As a company, our core values are anchored by our commitment to our team, work, clients, community, industries we serve, and social justice.


We bear the responsibility of the work we put out into the world.

We research, ideate, ask questions, gain perspective, challenge each other and our ideas to ensure that we are proud of not only the work, but the impact it will have. We make it our priority to produce meaningful and ethical design and marketing.


We boldly roll up our sleeves.

We take responsibility for our roles and our actions within and outside the studio. We trust our instinct, our processes, and constantly strive to create the best work, which often means we go the extra mile to learn, understand and grow in our expertise.


We foster relationships and create space for authentic connections.

We celebrate each other in our professional and personal lives. We empower the visions of each individual and the team as a whole.


We pay close attention to the details to exceed expectations.

We understand that it is integral to know why as well as what when solving problems. Our processes are thoughtfully designed to ensure our work is coming from a purposeful foundation. We don’t take this lightly, quality and returning to our why is at our core.


We seek unique perspectives to fuel authentic, meaningful, and successful work.

We value and practice an open-minded approach when learning about other people, communities, industries, and populations. Creating strong, and sometimes personal, relationships with our fellow team members, partners, and clients drive meaningful connections that extend beyond design and marketing