MaryAda and Kiana Writing on a whiteboard

Who We Are: Honey’s Core Values

21 September 2020

We are team of down-to-earth, hardworking, problem solvers who believe that craft is fueled best by an intentional process and strategy. We empower our clients, we empower each other, and we empower our community through meaningful design and marketing.


We enthusiastically soak up every detail.

We embrace new experiences, new methodologies, new solutions, and new technologies to reach our goals.


We boldly roll up our sleeves.

We take responsibility for our roles and our actions within and outside the agency. We trust our instincts, our processes, and constantly strive to create the best work.


We empower each other to achieve our visions.

We understand the vision of each team member in his or her professional and personal lives.


We believe that strong, personal relationships define our success.

We empower our team to grow and improve. We make the greatest effort to immerse ourselves in our clients’ craft and try to always view at things from unique perspectives.


We pay close attention to the details to exceed expectations.

We understand that it is integral to know why as well as what when solving problems. We don’t take this lightly; quality is at our core.