Entrance to the 29 Palms Inn
Front façade of the 29 Palms Inn main building

29 Palms Inn

Brand Strategy / Website Design

The Desert Awaits...

For five generations, 29 Palms Inn has been in the heart of the desert, welcoming travelers to their literal oasis (more on that later) and encouraging them to explore all the magic and charm it has to offer.

Upon meeting the family and getting a taste for the special place that it is, we were eager to learn more about the rich history and people behind this charismatic inn.

Desert vista in Southern California


Surrounded by the vast Mojave desert and Joshua Tree – with its terrain, animals, and wild cacti, 29 Palms Inn is a place for the explorer at heart. At the core of the property is the Oasis of Mara, a landmark to the area and a cooling sanctuary for visitors and animals alike. 29 Palms Inn is owned by fourth generation innkeeper, Heidi, and her two children, making it five generations of history and spirit.

Heidi and her family came to Honey to evolve the brand’s digital presence by designing and building a new website. Messaging and photography would be a key focus in order to highlight the unique story behind 29 Palms Inn and share what they have to offer.

Books and plant placed artfully on a coffee table at the 29 Palms Inn
The Honey team meets with the owners of 29 Palms Inn Heidi showing the Honey team the local desert flora

Field Trip

It was our time at the property that informed so much of the work and feelings that went into the brand strategy and website design.

We pulled up to the entrance and stepped out to meet Heidi and the team. Although it was July in the desert, there was this immediate sense of time stopping and the ability to breathe a little easier. The place was oozing with character with its vibrant colors and prickly flora. It was inviting, but without the fluff. The depiction of a slow down atmosphere, encouraging you to see the natural elements as its amenities (I’m sorry, what WiFi?).

After a day of exploring the grounds and learning everything there was to know about the history and family, we ate at the Inn’s incredibly tasty restaurant to the sound of a local three-piece band. As the night set in, we wandered back to our adobe cabins (some of us on high alert for rattlers) and recapped outside under a blanket of stars, coyotes howling in the distance. Could we stay forever and call it “market research?”

Brand Strategy

A brand like this, backed by years and years of rich history, had so much to tell. Our job was to pull out key pieces of the story and communicate it to audiences, sharing the depth of the Inn. It was important to convey 29 Palms Inn’s values to preserve the environment and serve garden-grown food to current and future clientele. Educating audiences on the property and the plethora of local attractions was essential. We focused on strong messaging that brought people into the inn, while clearly communicating the type of getaway that it is. 

Old polaroid photos of the owners at 29 Palms Inn
Prickly pear cactus plant Entrance to the pool at 29 Palms Inn
Collage of 29 palms sketches and photos

Website Design

The website is designed to bring you into the inn, with that nostalgic feeling we got the day we arrived at the property. A mix between a family opening its doors to newcomers and those who you feel like you’ve known forever. As you scroll, you are greeted with bright photography and poolside illustrations (quite literally, they are from Ashley’s morning coffee doodles while we were there). A timeline on the About page tells pieces of the family’s story, as if Heidi is walking you through it while sitting around a dinner table and passing the basket of freshly baked sourdough.

Design Details

Color plays a large role in the design, pulling inspiration from the dramatic sunrises and sunsets across the landscape as well as the property’s desert-inspired, pastel-painted adobe walls. When walking through the property (early in the morning before the heat sets in, ideally), one gains a sense of the desert spirit. It’s still, peaceful, breathtaking, welcoming, creative, and definitely funky. These feelings come through in photography that we captured and through the detailed elements sprinkled throughout the website.

Some of these elements, like the 29 Palms Inn logo, the property entrance scene illustration, and “most popular place in town” flag, were pulled from the Inn’s old maps and print collateral. We vectorized and refined those elements to honor the Inn’s character and history. Photography, color, illustrations, candid copywriting, and funky type all come together to express the Inn in its most honest form. The atmosphere of the property is truly a magical one that exists because of the thoughtfulness in every detail.  

Hand drawn sketches of 29 Palms Inn exterior
Detail of website booking element
Detail of website describing Things to Do in 29 Palms


Today, the inn continues as a place of respite and rejuvenation for those looking to escape to the desert’s vast wilderness. We have some exciting projects up our sleeves as we continue working with 29 Palms Inn – stay tuned!

In the meantime, we encourage you to shut that laptop and get out – the desert awaits.

View of the desert from the Inn