America's Farm-to-Fork Capital
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America's Farm-to-Fork Capital

Strategic Partner / Brand Identity / Event Branding

Overview and Approach

Run by Visit Sacramento, the Farm-to-Fork Program was established in 2012 to celebrate the Sacramento region’s farmers, growers, restaurants, organizations, and individuals that contribute to the local culinary and agricultural landscape. Over the years, we have worked very closely with Visit Sacramento and now, Valley Vision, to build and establish what the America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital brand means for the Sacramento region. We started with a website, brochure, and logo refresh – and since then have created an expansive brand architecture poised to adapt and grow in our ever-changing region.

Farm to Fork Website Farm to Fork Event

Strategic Partners in an Agricultural Powerhouse

Sacramento is integral to the agricultural backbone of the United States; with six counties anchoring a $7.2B agricultural economy that boasts more than 150 crop varieties and over 1.5 million acres of working farmland, it’s hard to overlook its significance and influence.

Working on the Farm-to-Fork brand has been more than just a project for us; it’s a legacy we’ll continue to invest in because we believe in supporting and connecting our region’s farmers, food, and local economy.

Farm to Fork stat: $7.2 Billion Agriculture Economy
Farmer in a field

Logo Evolution

In 2016, we had the opportunity to evolve the original America’s Farm-To-Fork Capital seal. The primary goals with the redesign were to simplify the graphic, give it a modern look, bring in more energizing colors, and ensure legibility and scalability. The result of the new design celebrates the integrity of the original brand through a more contemporary lens.

Before and after Farm to Fork logo design

Brand Architecture

Various programs and events that showcase the Sacramento region’s food and agriculture fall beneath the primary America’s Farm-to-Fork brand, including Tower Bridge Dinner, Farm-to-Fork Festival, Legends of Wine, FarmTank, and Farm-to-Fork Live. When designing these sub-brands, we created unique identities for each while still tying them back to the primary umbrella brand.

Compiled logos of the Farm to Fork brand
Image of the Tower Bridge Dinner

Tower Bridge Dinner

The Tower Bridge dinner, one of Sacramento’s most anticipated food events, serves as a fundraiser where a portion of the proceeds helps to pay for other free Farm-to-Fork events. We created a simple, elegant mark for the dinner that features a minimal Tower Bridge illustration, a bold sans-serif typeface, and a sophisticated black and gold color palette.

In collaboration with Andis Wines, we designed a custom Tower Bridge Dinner wine label that is given to each guest at the end of the evening.

Tower Bridge Dinner Sacramento Logo
Andis Custom Wine Bottle Logo Tower Bridge Dinner Logo on a Tshirt
Tower Bridge Dinner Logo on an Apron Back of the Andis Tower Bridge Dinner Wine Bottle

Legends of Wine

Legends of Wine is an exclusive event that celebrates the region’s best wines with renowned Sacramento wine experts. The event had not had a true identity, so when we began thinking about how to bring the brand to life, it made perfect sense to pull elements inspired by both the primary Farm-to-Fork mark as well as the Tower Bridge Dinner. The result is a simple, elegant wordmark.

Legends of Wine logo
Legends of Wine Logo on a Wine Glass

Farm-to-Fork Festival

Designed to showcase the amazing food and agriculture of our region, the free annual Farm-to-Fork Festival brings together the region’s farmers, ranchers, restaurants, brewers, artists, musicians, wineries and more for one incredible (and delicious) day. In 2018, the festival attracted more than 80,000 attendees. We approached the event’s branding with a focus on celebrating America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital by reinterpreting the fork-and-leaf graphic in a modern illustration style and layering a banner over the bright Farm-to-Fork green. The brand has a contemporary festival look and translates to multiple applications throughout the event – from signage, to tickets, to merch.

Farm to Fork Festival logo
Photo From the Farm to Fork Festival With People and Tents in Front of the City Farm to Fork Festival Brochure

Civic Pride

We created a civic pride mark designed for the regional community to show camaraderie and support in the area. This is a consumer-focused mark that includes elements of the primary Farm-to-Fork seal. The goal of this design was to create something people could relate to and feel like they are part of the movement. You’ll see this mark on t-shirts, stickers, and anywhere the community wants to celebrate their pride in the region.

We Are Farm to Fork Civic Pride Logo

Farm Tank

Farm Tank was a unique Sacramento-based conference supported by both Food Tank and America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. It was a multi-day event where California led the discussion on growing solutions for the nations food system. Our goal was to design a brand that farmers and policymakers alike could be proud of and relate to. The identity features organic hand-lettering with structured stenciling – often seen on wooden produce boxes. In addition to the mark, the brand comes together with a bright chartreuse palette paired with kraft paper texture. The illustrations are built from the speech bubble in the “k” in “tank”, and serve as a pattern that compliments the mark.

Farm Tank Bus logo
Farm Tank Posters
Farm Tank Logo on a Tote Bag Farm Tank Patterns

Farm-to-Fork LIVE

Farm-to-Fork LIVE, an event series lead by Valley Vision, introduces the Sacramento region to a live summit experience where leaders in the field have thoughtful conversations that encompass, as well as promote, the region’s identity as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. Farm-to-Fork LIVE is an opportunity to highlight the challenges and strengths of living and working in the food and agriculture industry.

This mark was intentionally designed to have a more detailed, illustrated look, while still fitting within the family of Farm-to-Fork brands. The colors nod to the Valley Vision brand, the diagonal lines represent agriculture, and the staggering of the letters reflect the dynamic and energetic event.

Farm to Fork LIVE logo

Farm-to-Fork LIVE takes on DC

During the 2019 Capitol to Capitol program, Farm-to-Fork Live held an exciting discussion with leaders from Sacramento’s innovative food and agriculture system who will share their stories, successes, challenges, and insights.

Farm to Fork Pattern Over a Set of Fields
Farm to Fork Live Logo on a Tshirt and on a Tote Bag

As a company, we’re privileged when we have the opportunity to work on projects that add value to their communities, and the work done through Farm-to-Fork is exemplary. Farm-to-Fork is about people and their relationship to the land; we count ourselves lucky to have met people throughout this project that share our values (find someone that works harder than a farmer or a chef) and we’re excited for the future of this great program. Our friends over at Position Interactive—who partnered with us on the initial website—headed up development on a new website for the Farm-to-Fork Festival.


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