Central Kitchen Food Truck in a blooming peach orchard
Central Kitchen Food Truck in a blooming peach orchard

Central Kitchen Food Truck

Art Direction / Food Truck Wrap / 
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Brand Materials
 / Photography Direction


Since 2018, Honey has formed a lasting partnership with Central Kitchen, helping them build their brand identity and website. Our most recent collaboration included strategizing and designing their mobile food truck to uniquely speak to their offerings and connect with the community. The success of this initiative serves as a testament to the validity of school nutrition departments investing in their brand from the beginning. In partnership with No Kid Hungry, the Central Kitchen Mobile Food Truck’s goal is to improve access to Sacramento City Unified School District’s food program while also encouraging increased participation among their students.

Central Kitchen Food Truck

Our Approach

In an effort to transform the public perception of traditional school food programs, Central Kitchen aimed to present their food truck as a restaurant experience both in appearance and operation. The visual aesthetic effectively communicates the Central Kitchen’s mission of providing healthy, sustainable, fresh, and local food to all students within the district. Considering the diverse range of audiences, we developed compelling and meaningful messaging, complemented by a truck wrap design that strikes a balance between sophistication and a warm welcome. Our approach was to create broad appeal, whether at a school or a community food festival, ensuring that Central Kitchen’s mission resonates with all.

Central Kitchen Food Truck parked next to a peach tree


The Central Kitchen branding was designed to feel approachable and refreshing, aligning with the operation’s growth and its establishment within the Sacramento community. To maintain visual harmony with the Central Kitchen brand, we introduced a lighter-toned color palette and combined branded illustrations with bright, clean photography of food ingredients. Photography is used to showcase the freshness of the ingredients used and convey the care invested in preparing each meal for the community.

The Central Kitchen logo takes center stage on all sides of the truck, accompanied by prominent brand messaging and contact information that remain visible even when windows and doors are opened. The design ensures accessibility and visibility from a distance, while simultaneously captivating customers and enticing them to visit and savor the culinary offerings of the truck.

Color blocking layout paired with beautiful carrots photography. The Root of Healthy Meals is placed to the right
Detail design of the food truck wrap
Drone view of the Central Kitchen Food Truck in a peach orchard

Photography Art Direction

Honey coordinated multiple photoshoots to capture high quality photography assets of food menu items and the food truck in its full glory, staging a photoshoot at golden hour at an orchard from one of Central Kitchen’s the farming partners. Another shoot highlighted the Central Kitchen’s team in action serving food to students to convey the experience surrounding it. We pulled up to a local district high school and the team prepared and served real students meals from the truck  – yes, those were real smiles eating delicious ramen noodles! 🍜

Birria Tacos with a cup of Chamoy Fruit paired with it
Crispy Chicken Sandwich Edamame cup

Brand Materials & Merchandise

To reinforce the visual identity of the food truck, we developed a variety of brand materials and merchandise that together create a seamless and cohesive experience that evokes excitement and delight among audiences. We developed digital menu display templates, wayfinding signage, postcards, and branded food-safe wrappers to promote the food truck and highlight supportive messaging about Central Kitchen’s food philosophy. We also strategized the design of branded gear for the chefs and volunteers to proudly wear, establishing a strong representation of Central Kitchen’s brand and the food truck’s exceptional service.

Central Kitchen staff member handing a bowl of ramen from the truck window to a student
Central Kitchen workers passing food from the truck window to serve to hungry customers
Tom Lucero, Central Kitchen Manager, Executive Chef; standing in front of the central kitchen food truck A close up detail image of an embroidered apron with the central kitchen logo stitched onto it
Detail image of a Central Kitchen food truck menu
Customers at Farm 2 Fork festival standing in line for food at the Central Kitchen food truck
Detail design of the Central Kitchen food wrapper paper Closeup of the birria tacos in a basket with the branded food wrapper paper design
3d letter sign


The Central Kitchen Mobile Food Truck had a successful debut at the annual Farm-to-Fork Festival in Sacramento, serving delicious food as a vendor while also gaining traction for their school program rollout. Since launching at select school sits in spring 2023, Central Kitchen has increased breakfast participation by 300%. 

The food truck has also been operating at regional events, beloved by local chefs and restaurants for Central Kitchen’s effort to elevate school nutrition and foodservice to restaurant quality.


Legion Food Trucks – Food Truck Vendor
Erin Alderson – Photography
Chase Daley – Photography