A box of brownies
A box of brownies


Branding / Packaging

Overview and approach

When Honey was approached by a group of driven entrepreneurs seeking to challenge the norms of the cannabis edibles industry, we knew it was a perfect fit. Their commitment to creating quality products was exceeded only by their desire to build a brand with a meaningful, long-lasting vision. 

Stylized brand pattern for jane jane.

Never Plain

The first step was to develop a persona that matched the founders’ collective vision for a relatable and aspirational brand identity.

Meet Jane.

She is your best friend’s best friend, the one that’s up for anything. At the end of the day, Jane just makes life a little more fun.


Image of the jane packaging with foliage in the background
Pull tab on the end of the box with text jane box with text


It was critical that the design of the brand matched the persona of Jane. Green is a direct reference to the cannabis plant, however we used a light, minty foil that elevates what is traditionally seen in the edible landscape. The “Never Plain” tagline is a play on the oft-heard phrase about the flavor and experience, while the wavy line elements represent the experience of enjoying a cannabis brownie–fun, chill, and easy.

White prototype boxes for jane Side angle of jane box
Various sketches from the branding process


Regulations around cannabis packaging are ever-changing, and this project was no exception. Through iterations we explored various sizes, child-safe mechanisms, and prototype forms. Ultimately, the custom sleeve and drawer concept that was developed brought the brand to life across multiple surfaces and yielded a few hidden design secrets throughout.


Stylized sketch of the jane box
jane. jane.

High on design: Bringing sophisticated packaging to the cannabis industry

After 10 years of developing branding, packaging and design for winemakers, restaurants and events in the Sacramento area, Honey decided to add a new industry to its repertoire — cannabis.

But that transition has come with a difficult balance to strike.


Sacramento Business Journal