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Wine that embodies a commitment to sustainability

For five generations, the Lange family has farmed the fertile lands of Lodi and surrounding regions, eventually building a winery as a testament to their passion for sustainable farming and winemaking. Their dedication has led to the adoption of Lodi Rules, a sustainable winegrowing program the Lange family developed alongside other Lodi farmers, by over a thousand wineries. Every bottle of LangeTwins wine allows the land to speak for itself.


Overview & Approach

From our very initial discovery workshop where we walked the Lange’s property, Honey recognized the rich storytelling that needed to come through this brand. Not only do they implement sustainable practices across every aspect of their business, but they also take their impact a step further by restoring habitats along their property to preserve the natural ecosystems that once lived there. This, in combination with their low-intervention winemaking approach of interesting Italian varietals, led the strategy of many projects Honey has worked with LangeTwins on over the years.


Brand & Marketing Strategy

Honey was tasked with modernizing and growing the reach of the LangeTwins brand that built on their already established brand recognition. Informed by extensive industry research and analysis, Honey developed a detailed parent brand and product positioning and marketing strategy that identified key focus areas and corresponding tactics for each product line. We executed this new direction by redefining brand elements, crafting storytelling-driven messaging, and compelling art direction for visuals.

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LangeTwins LangeTwins
Man pouring bottle of LangeTwins wine into glass in a vineyard
LangeTwins LangeTwins
Various bottles from the LangeTwins collection on a dinner table

Website Design

Early on in our work with LangeTwins, we identified they needed a new website to reflect the new direction for the brand we were setting. Previously designed to their old brand standards and built in a way that their family of brands had equal emphasis, we repositioned the site to lead with their champion brand, LangeTwins. 

The site uses large photography and intentional storytelling to introduce visitors to the many dynamics that make the LangeTwins brand so rich. We completely revamped their e-commerce presence, using a clean layout that shows off the wines and easily allows users to filter by collection or type of wine they’re looking for. 

Content Development

LangeTwins and the Lange family stories were brought to life through content. Photography and video were strategically art directed to share the romantic nature of the brand mixed with the real faces behind it. We layered on a distinctive graphic style for social and email content that reinforced the brand with their loyal viewers.

We emphasized the use of highly-produced video content that shared not only the different aspects that make up the brand but the beauty of the place and practices that go into these wines through the series: From the Field. The series is romantic, cinematic, and inspirational—ultimately looking to connect where the wine came from to the consumer. 

LangeTwins LangeTwins

Advertising & Partnerships

One of our goals was to increase broad and local brand awareness for the LangeTwins brand, so we developed a strategic advertising and partnerships plan that targeted a specific target audience in the key markets LangeTwins was looking to grow in. The strategy combined consistent targeted social ads, sponsored publications such as Vinepair, and impactful creator partnerships. 

LangeTwins LangeTwins
LangeTwins LangeTwins


The evolution the LangeTwins brand and its products have undergone has positioned the brand as an elevated, elegant brand that deeply cares about the entire winemaking process due to the family’s deep roots in farming. LangeTwins wines are regularly top-rated and featured in renowned publications, such as Wine Enthusiast. Explore their brand and wines at


Anya McInroy – Photography
Alina Tyulyu – Photography
Sea Stand Productions – Video Production
Pour Agency – Video Production
Dhon Santos – Photography