Lei Back CBD Sparkling Water Packaging
Lei Back CBD Sparkling Water flavors Pomelo and Guava placed next to a tropical fruit display

Lei Back

Branding / Packaging / Website

About the project

Led by a restaurateur and beverage industry veteran, Green Mountain Brands is a California-based beverage company that has developed a line of sparkling waters infused with hemp cannabidiol (CBD). Green Mountain Brands came to Honey to be their marketing and design partner in launching their first beverage to the market, Lei Back CBD Sparkling Water. Starting from the ground up, Honey collaborated with Green Mountain Brands to develop a brand strategy, packaging design, and an ecommerce website to launch the Lei Back brand into the world.

Lei Back is a tropical flavored, zero-calorie CBD infused sparkling water for the days you’re just looking for a moment. The name and branding are meant to take a person away from the hectic day-to-day and put them in a calm and relaxing state of mind (which we can all agree how necessary that is right now). Each beverage contains 20mg of hemp-derived CBD per serving and is made from simple ingredients. Lei Back is currently available in two tropical flavor profiles –pomelo and guava –with future flavors to follow. 

Close up photo of Lei Back cans and a photo of Lei Back being poured into a glass


CBD beverages are an emerging market. The market has seen rapid growth, and research suggests that cannabis-infused beverages could generate $600 million by 2022. And as a zero-calorie sparkling water, Lei Back lends itself to a more health-conscious consumer landscape.

Today’s consumers are paying more attention to what they are putting into their bodies, so Lei Back is committed to being completely transparent when it comes to their ingredient sourcing. All hemp sourced is grown in the USA and is lab tested to ensure the highest quality and is free of pesticides.

With this in mind, the beautiful Lei Back brand was designed to attract audiences that value well designed products and care about living a purposeful lifestyle.

Lei Back
Lei Back photo collage with hand drawn illustrations

Brand Identity

The Lei Back identity was designed to achieve that vintage, low-key tropical vibe. It’s easy going, a little fun, a little classy – just the right balance. The custom, hand drawn lettering evokes a sense of ease that one experiences in a relaxed state of mind (insert tropical backdrop). The imperfect letterforms highlight the brand’s personality and “go with the flow” attitude.

Lei Back wordmark in orange
Lei Back Guava cans


The color palette is inspired by the tropical flavors of the Lei Back beverages: punchy colors with earthy undertones. The flavor titles are treated with a “bubbly” appearance to allude to the effervescence and lively spirit of Lei Back.

To complement the hand lettered logo, custom drawn illustrations of tropical flowers and leaves add a rich, tactile quality that brings the Lei Back brand to life. The black and white drawings are freely strewn about and overlap each other, creating a layered texture that is a nod to the brand’s transparency. 

The wave shape is the most prominent visual on the Lei Back package design. It acts as a structured border and also a canvas for other graphics to be integrated within the shape. The illustrations and graphics paired together create a rich, layered story and bring the concept of ‘letting go’ to life: that feeling when it’s the end of the day and you just want to unwind and relax because you deserve it.


Just like the packaging design, the Lei Back website is designed to feel welcoming, relaxed and tropical. We want to introduce Lei Back to customers with a fun, playful approach, using witty copywriting paired with psychedelic graphics. To compliment the colors of the packaging, we incorporated warm, hazy colors and gradients to be reminiscent of the sunset / golden hour at the end of the day (you know, the best time to enjoy Lei Back). 

Illustration leaf collage

Since the launch of Lei Back, the product has seen a great response! With placements in numerous retail locations and prominent distribution partners, we’re excited to see Lei Back expand further in 2021.

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