Close up of the Sean Minor Invited Series Grenache and Sangiacomo Roberts Road label artwork
Close up of the Sean Minor Invited Series bottle label art showing off the gold foil highlights

Sean Minor Wines Invited Series

Product Positioning / Packaging Design / Launch Strategy & Content


We love when we get to bring a vision we pitch to long-term clients to life. The creation of the Invited Series for Sean Minor Wines stemmed from an in-depth exploration of a core element embedded in their brand: the genuine passion owners Sean and Nicole Minor have for sharing and enjoying exceptional wine with the people they love.

A close up of the cork design that reads Sean Minor Wines Invited Series

Overview & Approach

Sean Minor Wines makes tried and true wines from some of California’s premium appellations that can be found nationwide at your favorite restaurants and retailers. We’ve worked with their team for years across their brand, marketing, and design efforts and when we recognized the opportunity to reposition their small-run limited-release wines, we knew we needed to take a fresh and innovative approach.

Product Positioning

The Invited Series draws inspiration from the brand’s tagline, Always Invited, and embodies the welcoming, warm nature that is deeply ingrained in the identity of Sean Minor Wines. The wines embody Sean’s passion to source, create, and share wines that each year reflect his vision and the varietals he works with, paired with Nicole’s natural talent for building a true sense of community surrounding wine.

These exclusive wines are produced in limited runs, comprising fewer than 650 cases in total for the two varietals – Grenache and Pinot Noir. We strategically positioned these wines to resonate deeply with Sean Minor Wines’ intimate community of loyal fans. We recognized this intimacy would attract like-minded consumers who share a mutual appreciation for discovering new brands and products with aligned values.

Bottle of Sean Minor Invited Series Grenache being shared by two people, clinking their red wine glasses Close up of the colorful orange and blue wax capsules on the bottles

Creative Direction

The wines of the Invited Series represent an artful celebration of the experience and sentiment of connection. Each label captures a moment where the promise of “Always Invited” comes to life, with artwork and snippets of messaging portraying scenes where people connect and engage, with wine as the focal point. One can feel the buzz of lively conversations, laughter, joy, and heartfelt toasts exchanged among friends. 

Sketch of the inspiration for the Invited Series labels, showing wine bottles and filled glasses on a table spread
Bottle of the Sean Minor Invited Series Grenache next to a tin of sardines and a plate with olives on it


Each wine varietal showcases a vibrant, colorful illustration complemented by gold foil and embossed accents, resulting in a sophisticated and artistic label. Nicole’s love for Italian culture and light-hearted, approachable entertaining comes into play with the Italian poster-inspired typography and golden hour aesthetic of the scenes.

The Sangiacomo Roberts Road Pinot Noir label highlights Sean’s long standing relationship with the family vineyard, and the Rossi Ranch Grenache design was inspired by Sean’s passion for winemaking and wanting to experiment with a new style (and maybe the fact that making a Grenache all started when drinking into the night with friends at a harvest party…).

Abstract shapes and vibrant pops of color, combined with empty bottles, partially eaten snacks, and glasses of wine in various stages, unmistakably capture the essence of a memorable and enjoyable evening with friends.

Launch Strategy & Content

The creative winemaking style of these varietals has influenced the brands’ artful style, injecting new vibrancy and personality into design and content. Each moment depicting the Invited Series feels like aperitivo hour, that golden moment of the day to savor a beverage and forget all your worries with the company you enjoy the most. 

These highly-allocated wines were first offered to Sean Minor Wines’ most loyal customers, their wine club members. They were then publicly launched in wholesale and direct-to-consumer, creating a buzz amongst long-term Sean Minor Wines fans. 

An opened bottle of Sean Minor Invited Series Grenache being shared by two people, red wine being swirled in a glass with a plate of canteloupe melon next to it
Two red wine glasses clinking, filled with the Sean Minor Invited Series Grenache A close up of the cork design that reads

The Invited Series will continue evolving with new labels, exciting launches, and community moments. To stay in the know, follow @seanminorwines.