Three Serres Ranch wine bottles on a table with a brick background
Three Serres Ranch wine bottles on a table with a brick background

Serres Ranch

Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Packaging / Website Design / Development / Photography


For decades, the Serres family has been known as respected winegrape growers, ranchers, farmers, and community members in the town Jack London coined the Valley of the Moon – Sonoma, CA. Six generations later, they decided to put their family name on their own wine brand.

Their commitment: 100% estate grown, 100% Sonoma, with 100% integrity. Our kind of people. 

Serres Ranch bottle detail collage of the label and capsule design

Overview & Approach

As we set out to strategize and design the new wine brand, our approach started simple: learning more about why this brand is starting and the long-term vision. We drove down the ranch’s mile long vineyard-graced driveway, grabbed some local Dutch Crunch deli sandwiches (ahem Broadway Market), let the cattle dogs into the conference room, and discussed how this family’s legacy will translate to their new venture.

The Serres Family is straightforward, uncomplicated, and proud. That’s how we built their brand. 

Hand drawn sketch of a rancher's cowboy hat on grunge background

The Brand

The Serres Ranch brand is inspired by the family’s roots and pedigree as longstanding winegrape growers for premium Sonoma and Napa Valley brands. The brand’s messaging and design thoughtfully reflect the Serres story and ranch where their renowned vineyards grow. A balance of sophistication and grit.

The primary logo, a clean and timeless wordmark, was directly inspired by signage at the front gates of the ranch and is supported by additional design elements that reinforce the brand’s agricultural lineage and family pride. 

Serres Ranch logo marks
Detailed brand element showing the Serres Ranch brand with photography and type treatments
Close up label design shot of the Serres Ranch Buchanan bottle Close up back label shot showing the Established 1924 mark and a snippet of the family story
Detail of brand element showing photography and the map of Serres Ranch in Sonoma Valley


The brand’s inaugural product line leads with a timeless, elegant label reflecting the quality of the wines themselves. Each product’s name and messaging is inspired by a person from the Serres family tree, intentionally pairing their story and personality with each wine.

The label’s single diecut encourages our audiences to pick up and rotate the bottle to have a closer look. Embossed lines sweep horizontally across the label represents the family’s six generations in the region, while also paying homage to the vineyards on the Serres Ranch estate. Throughout the brand and labels are details–from the textured edge, SR signature mark, to the “Established” seal–that together allude to the family’s authenticity.

A bottle of Serres Ranch Watriss laying on its side next to a vintage wooden crate on concrete ground


In the true spirit of the Serres Ranch brand, we created a clean and beautiful site that allowed for ample space to highlight their wines, ranch, and family. The layout and copy are straight to the point (no unnecessary fluff needed) to introduce the brand’s wines and commitment to unwavering quality. Throughout the site experience, beautiful photography is featured of the ranch’s vineyards paired with illustrated details that create a sense of place for their estate wines.

We also can’t help but mention that the story of Honey and Serres Ranch was recently written about in Adam Davidson, co-Founder of Planet Money, new book The Passion Economy. Honey had the honor to share more about this journey as a speaker at SXSW 2022!