Tre Borden monogram overlaid on top of art installation image
Tre Borden monogram overlaid on top of art installation image

Tre Borden /Co

Naming / Brand Identity / Website

About the project

Tre Borden, founder of Tre Borden /Co, is a Los Angeles-based thought leader whose work lies at the intersection of visual art, technology and community engagement. His diverse work portfolio includes many projects that spark dialogue within communities and advocate for progressive social change. It was such an honor when Tre came to Honey to help bring his vision for his company to life. After a couple conversations, we realized that his passionate and energetic personality was going to be the main source of inspiration in developing the creative for his brand. We worked with him to develop a name, strategy, brand identity, and website for Tre Borden /Co.

Tre Borden with Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Cristophel walking underneath freeway art installation

Inspiration and Strategy

Diving into the process we knew this brand had to feel true to Tre’s personality and story. We learned that he drew much of his inspiration from his mother, Carol, who was a force to be reckoned with as an ardent social activist and patron of the arts within the Sacramento community. Tre himself is an activist, and also a changemaker, a connector, an innovator, a thought leader, a collaborator, and an activator.

The name Tre Borden /Co (read ‘Tre Borden and Company’) is built from the idea of connection. Tre is the leading voice of the company that connects ideas and art to communities. “Ideas Activated” is the simplest expression of his work. He is an activator of ideas and is always pushing creative boundaries to enact change.

Tre Borden wearing a shirt with his mother's photo on it

Brand Identity

We developed an energetic yet polished brand identity that incorporates a minimal pink and black color palette, strong slab-serif typography, and playful messaging that speaks true to Tre’s tone of voice. The slash in the logo became the signature brand element that is used beyond the logomark as a metaphor for connection and collaboration. This slash concept is used when cropping the top or bottom of photos and color blocks, which reinforces the diagonal visual. Stemming from conversations with Tre, the brand tone of voice, and his “taking care of business” attitude, we created a playful type treatment using the brand initials. The design system as a whole provides flexibility and serves as a timeless foundation for the innovative work that Tre Borden /Co produces. 

Tre Borden /Co Logo Family
Tre Borden headshot with words to describe his company
Tre Borden business cards Tre Borden wearing a shirt that says


The website leads with a featured project, immediately introducing audiences to the heart and soul of Tre’s work. The site is clean and minimal, allowing the projects and services to shine. Angled photos and pink slash elements are used throughout to further establish the energetic visual language.

Since we launched Tre Borden /Co in 2017, much has happened in the world that has influenced the resurfacing of this brand identity and story. Tre came back to Honey to talk about company updates and how Tre Borden /Co is evolving with our ever changing world. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Tre and Honey’s founder, Meghan Phillips coming soon. They’ll be discussing the why behind the brand relaunch, new projects, the impact Tre’s recent work has made, what it’s like to be featured in Forbes in 2020 and what the future holds.

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